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Sabtu, 16 November 2013

Major attractions in London

London has a lot of architectural elements, monuments and museums that are really highly recommended for tourists to know firsthand. First it is worth noting the classic Madame Tussauds , a museum in which we can find wax figures of the most important in the world related to the history , athletes, religious figures and the world of music, something that undoubtedly really like all the tourists .

It is also one of the highly recommended visiting the famous Tower of London, which today is still among the most prominent icons within the city . Throughout the year, offers a fascinating tour to all tourists who want to see the tower from within, a place with 900 years of history kept in really very good and therefore is a place with many mysteries and legends.

Museum also really important and usually like a lot to all tourists is the famous National Maritime Museum , an excellent proposal because inside we find large model ships , exhibitions in order to know more about the world of ships , among other proposals related to the world of the sea.

Proposals are generally recommended for couples and families have the opportunity to enjoy in London , so it can be a very good idea to make a holiday really complete .